Leila Khaled’s Keynote Speech

Comrades, Sisters and Brothers, Thank you for inviting me to this conference. A special thanks for the organizers. I’m here to tell you the story of our people, the Palestinians. The story of a people who were expelled by force from their country,Palestine, by the Zionist movement which, in 1948, established a state called “Israel”Continue reading “Leila Khaled’s Keynote Speech”

Liza Maza’s Opening Remarks

Dear sisters and friends, militant greetings! I am honored to welcome you to the International Women’s Alliance (IWA) First General Assembly and to deliver this opening remarks. I hope that the short unity walk from the University of the Philippines to down to this hall invigorated our collective spirit for the two days ahead inContinue reading “Liza Maza’s Opening Remarks”


[Vedtatt på den første Generalforsamlingen til International Women`s Alliance (IWA), 5. juli, 2011 i Manila, Filippinene.] I – Arven vår Arbeidende kvinner i verden har lenge vært i forgrunnen i folks motstand mot kapitalisme og imperialisme, helt fra organiseringen på grasrotsnivå og ut til globale nettverk. Gjennom det siste århundret har kvinner verden over kjempetContinue reading “Manilaerklæringen”

Manila Declaration of Unity (French)

DÉCLARATION DE MANILLE D’UNITÉ DE L’ALLIANCE INTERNATIONALE DES FEMMES (AIF) [Adopté, 5 juillet 2011, À Manille, Philippines] I – Notre héritage Les femmes laborieuses du monde ont longtemps été à l’avant plan de la résistance des peuples contre le capitalisme et l’impérialisme en s’organisant à la base jusqu’à la création de réseaux internationaux. Depuis unContinue reading “Manila Declaration of Unity (French)”

Manila Declaration of Unity (Spanish)

Declaración de Manila DE LA UNIDAD DE LA ALIANZA INTERNACIONAL DE MUJERES (IWA) [Adoptado Julio 5 2011, Manila, Filipinas] I – Nuestro Legado Las mujeres trabajadoras del mundo han estado a la vanguardia de la resistencia popular contra el capitalismo y el imperialismo desde el nivel de organización popular en expansión con redes globales. DuranteContinue reading “Manila Declaration of Unity (Spanish)”

Manila Declaration of Unity

[Adopted by the IWA First General Assembly on July 5, 2011 in Manila, Philippines] I – Our Legacy Toiling women of the world have long been in the forefront of people’s resistance against capitalism and imperialism from the level of grassroots organizing expanding to global networks.  For the past century, women all over the worldContinue reading “Manila Declaration of Unity”

Press Release: Remembering 9/11

by Roots for Equity, Pakistan September 11, 2011 The ceremony of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, to be held this Sunday, will be attended by US President Barak Obama, his predecessor George W. Bush, victims, family members, New York Mayor and governors of New York and New Jersey. 9/11 left 3,101 Americans (2,977Continue reading “Press Release: Remembering 9/11”

Urgent Action: Appeal to Stop the Imminent Execution of Three People in India

Two Sri Lankans and an Indian national convicted for the assassination of India’s former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, are facing imminent execution in Vellore prison in Tamil Nadu, India. This follows the rejection of their mercy petitions by the President of India. If carried out, these would be the first executions in India since 2004.Continue reading “Urgent Action: Appeal to Stop the Imminent Execution of Three People in India”