Dear Sisters, dear friends,

We would like to invite you and your organization to join us in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the Rio+20 Peoples’ Summit and participate in the workshop, “Women Resist Militarism and War! Build a Sustainable Future for La Pachamama!”. The workshop, which is organized by IWA will be held on Saturday, 16 June, 4:30-6:30 p.m., at Tenda 21, Margarida Alves, Aterro do Flamengo.

The workshop will feature an audio-visual presentation and a panel of women from grassroots organizations coming from Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America who will share their perspectives and experiences on the impact of militarism and resource wars on women’s lives and livelihoods and the sustainability of Mother Earth. There will also be opportunities to express solidarity and sisterhood for concrete responses of women’s resistance against militarism and wars and to building life-sustaining alternatives.

We enjoin you to add your voices to the growing number of women who are resisting the onslaught of imperialist aggression and uniting to build a sustainable future that upholds human rights, genuine peace and social justice.

For inquiries, please contact the following IWA focal persons for the Rio+20 People’s Summit side event:

Azra Sayeed, Vice President for Internal Affairs (


Maitet Ledesma, Deputy Secretary General (

We hope you can respond positively to this invitation and we look forward to your contribution towards the success of this initiative.

In Solidarity and Sisterhood,

Liza Maza, Chairperson, International Women’s Alliance (IWA)


Invitation to IWA’s Rio+20 Side Event

Rio+20 Side Event Concept Note (English)

Rio+20 Side Event Concept Note (Espanol)

Rio+20 Side Event Concept Note (French)

Rio+20 Side Event Concept Note (Portuguese)

One thought on “Join IWA in Rio! Come to the Side Event-Workshop on “Women Resist Militarism & War! Build a Sustainable Future for La Pachamama!”

  1. This situation is no longer deniable. During my lifetime, many have understood the Global Predicament we are facing now, but only a few ‘voices in the wilderness’ were willing to speak out loudly and clearly about what everyone can see. It is not a pretty sight. The human community has precipitated a planetary emergency that only humankind is capable of undoing. The present ‘Unsustainable Path’ has to be abandoned in favor of a “road less travelled by”. It is late; there is no time left to waste. Perhaps now we will gather our remarkably abundant, distinctly human resources and respond ably to the daunting, human-induced, global challenges before us, the ones that threaten life as we know it and the integrity of Earth as a fit place for human habitation. Many voices, many more voices are needed for making necessary changes.

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