Announcement: APWLD call for applications for Feminist Legal Theory and Practice (FLTP) Training of Trainers Still Open

The call for applications for our Asia-Pacific Regional Feminist Legal Theory and Practice (FLTP) Training of Trainers, Chiang Mai, Thailand
22 – 28 November 2013

is still open!

The FLTP training has been a significant activity of APWLD and has grown into a dynamic program that offers a unique model in the region with feminism as its core and human rights as its foundation. To date, the FLTP training has been implemented by APWLD at national, sub-regional and regional level. Keeping this in mind, APWLD has, over the last few years, taken periodic steps towards expanding its regional resource pool in particular through three FLTP Trainings of Trainers (TOT) in 2002, 2006 and 2007.

The FLTP ToT training is guided by feminist principles and goals and is premised on the tenets of feminist participatory learning and training methodologies. The principles of feminist learning recognises that economic, political and educational structures are authoritarian, undemocratic and function in the interest of social, economic and political elites. As a result, those in disadvantaged groups are denied the opportunity to fully develop their potential effectively and critically participate. The FLTP learning approach is participatory, founded on the principle of ‘dialogue’, addresses the ‘culture of silence’ and fulfils the goal of ‘social transformation’. Feminist popular education was developed in the 1980s as a critique to male-biased popular education that was dominant at that time. It is participatory, democratic, and non-hierarchical. It is premised on women’s experiences and lived realities and also encourages creative and critical thinking.

This call invites all past graduates of the Feminist Legal Theory & Practice (FLTP) training from Asia Pacific for the opportunity to be part of APWLD’s pool of resource persons while simultaneously contributing to the growth of the feminist movement in the region.

To apply, please review details below and email completed application form to:
For applications through email, please indicate in the subject line “Application for Regional FLTP Training of Trainers 2013”



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