Berlin, Germany
8 March 2019

We stand in solidarity with our sisters and comrades in Berlin for your momentous Global Scream on this 8th day of March, the International Working Women’s Day.

Your action depicts of the strength of women in taking a formidable contribution to put forward a call that is not only beneficial to women but also to the entire humanity most especially to the marginalized, opppressed, and exploited.

In the Philippines and in the entire Asia-Pacific region, we scream. We scream against the severe exploitation and oppression of our workers brought by greed for super profit by multinational and transnational corporations. We scream against the extraction by the corporations of our natural resources that destroys our land and our people. We scream against the intervention by the imperialists in our land that wreaks our lives and displaces our communities. We scream against the collaboration of the western imperialists with the Asian right-wing tyrannical leaders who curb dissent through assassination, detention, torture, harassment, and other human rights violations. We scream against the imperialist wars in the guise of “war on terror” campaign, which results to hundreds of women and children killed and sexually abused. For all these reasons and more, we scream.

Now more than ever we need solidarity from the ground as well as solidarity from our sisters globally. Our cause needs international unity of the class struggle of workers against capital. We believe that our struggle against imperialist plunder is beyond nations and beyond colors because we take part in preparing and accelerating the systemic change of the world to make it a community where women feel secure, enjoy genuine democracy, and develop their fullest potential. When that day comes, we will scream with jubilation. ###

Published by IWA Secretariat

IWA Secretariat is based in the Netherlands. For info, write to

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