Effects of the Turkish Invasion of North and East Syria on Women and Children

The following dossier about the effects of the Turkish invasion of North and East Syria on Women and children has been prepared by our friends at Kongra Star Diplomacy.  The following dossier is available for download. Effects of war on women and children 2019

Marxism and the Woman Question in the 21st Century

  Magandang hapon mga kaibigan, babae at mga kasama. Congratulations for organizing this important conference and for giving us the opportunity to speak, even though it is through video, and thank you for your indulgence. I am a women’s rights and anti-imperialist activist as well as documentary filmmaker. I had the opportunity to get toContinue reading “Marxism and the Woman Question in the 21st Century”

Second Assembly’s Women of Valor

At the International Women’s Alliance second general assembly, new and existing members will honor women who serve as a constant source of inspiration for organizing and mobilizing women from the most marginalized communities around the world. We hold up these women leaders and fighters whose principles, dedication and commitment to grassroots women’s movements serve toContinue reading “Second Assembly’s Women of Valor”