IWA Condemns Forced Hysterectomies of Women Detainees

The International Women’s Alliance condemns in the strongest terms the mass and unauthorized (or forced) hysterectomies of women detainees, the majority of whom are Latinx, at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility in Ocilla, Georgia in the United States. IWA is a global alliance of militant grassroots-based women’s organizations, institutions, alliances, networks and individuals committed toContinue reading “IWA Condemns Forced Hysterectomies of Women Detainees”

IWA solidarity message during GABRIELA’S “Days of Rage for Jennifer Laude and All Victims of US Military Aggression”

Executive Committee member, Monica Moorhead, shared the following words of solidarity during Gabriela Philippine’s “Day of Rage for Jennifer Laude and All Victims of US Military Aggression” webinar on September 16, 2020.

IWA Condemns Illegal Arrest of Sagip Kanayunan Volunteers

The International Women’s Alliance (IWA) strongly condemns the arrest and detenion of  seven volunteer relief workers of Sagip Kanayunan (Relief Countryside) and Tulong Anakpawis (Help the Toiling masses) and former Representative Ariel Casilao last April 19,2020.  The relief workers were on a humanitarian relief mission to deliver relief goods and food packs to residents of StioContinue reading “IWA Condemns Illegal Arrest of Sagip Kanayunan Volunteers”

Solidarity with Kashmir

Today around eight million Kashmiris under Indian Occupation face torture, incarceration, and brutal suppression of all their political and human rights, including, very fundamentally, the right to life and liberty. Though Kashmiris have faced repression, violence amounting to crimes against humanity, in the midst of whittling down of the constitutional guarantees for more than 70Continue reading “Solidarity with Kashmir”

Mensaje de solidaridad: 4ta Asamblea de la IMA

IWA se enorgullece de estar aquí en esta 4ta asamblea histórica de la primera alianza mundial de migrantes, refugiados, personas desplazadas y familias mientras se organiza para hablar con una sola voz sobre los cambios que necesitan los migrantes y las estrategias para alcanzarlos. Los problemas de migración son una preocupación importante de nuestra alianzaContinue reading “Mensaje de solidaridad: 4ta Asamblea de la IMA”


IWA is proud to be here at this historic 4th assembly of the first global alliance of migrants, refugees, displaced people and families as you organize to speak with one voice about the changes migrants need and the strategies to reach these. Issues of migration are an important concern of our women’s alliance,  a sisterContinue reading “SOLIDARITY MESSAGE: IMA’s 4th Assembly”

Solidarity with Migrant Women and their Families

The International Women’s Alliance (IWA) extends its firm hand of solidarity with the thousands of migrant families, undocumented and documented, who are being torn apart by the U.S. bigot-in-chief, Donald Trump, and the notorious Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) in recent weeks. This includes more than 2,000 children, including toddlers, who have been ripped away fromContinue reading “Solidarity with Migrant Women and their Families”

Solidarity Message to the Palestinian People from IWA Member GABRIELA Philippines

Solidarity Message to Palestinian People In behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Filipino women fighting for genuine peace and justice, GABRIELA National Alliance of Filipino Women condemns in the strongest term, the recent attacks and bombings by the Zionist government of Israel against the Palestinian people. We strongly condemn the imperialist governments lead byContinue reading “Solidarity Message to the Palestinian People from IWA Member GABRIELA Philippines”

Irene Fernandez Our Sister in Struggle

The International Women’s Alliance pays its highest tribute to Irene Fernandez, our sister in anti-imperialist struggle as we mourn her passing. We honor the full life of service to the oppressed and exploited peoples of the world that she has led. We hope that her life and work inspires women of the world to struggleContinue reading “Irene Fernandez Our Sister in Struggle”