Marxism and the Woman Question in the 21st Century

  Magandang hapon mga kaibigan, babae at mga kasama. Congratulations for organizing this important conference and for giving us the opportunity to speak, even though it is through video, and thank you for your indulgence. I am a women’s rights and anti-imperialist activist as well as documentary filmmaker. I had the opportunity to get toContinue reading “Marxism and the Woman Question in the 21st Century”

Leila Khaled’s Keynote Speech, IWA 2nd General Assembly

Comrades, Sisters and Friends, It’s my pleasure to be with you in this conference. Thanks to Gabriela who gave me this opportunity to address you. On behalf of my people, I extend warm greetings to you all. I come from a very disturbed region where people of the Middle East are facing imperialist powers andContinue reading “Leila Khaled’s Keynote Speech, IWA 2nd General Assembly”

Rep Luz Ilagan’s Welcome Remarks, IWA 2nd General Assembly

Ms. Leila Khaled of the Palestinian Women’s Union, Ms. Liza Maza, Chairperson of the International Women’s Alliance, Ms. Marie Boti, Secretary General, representatives of the member countries of IWA, delegates, my sisters in the struggle for women’s liberation, ladies and gentlemen, good morning! It is my distinct honor to welcome you all to the secondContinue reading “Rep Luz Ilagan’s Welcome Remarks, IWA 2nd General Assembly”