Berlin, Germany 8 March 2019 We stand in solidarity with our sisters and comrades in Berlin for your momentous Global Scream on this 8th day of March, the International Working Women’s Day. Your action depicts of the strength of women in taking a formidable contribution to put forward a call that is not only beneficialContinue reading “SOLIDARITY STATEMENT OF GABRIELA PHILIPPINES for the GLOBAL SCREAM OF WOMEN”

PHOTOS: IWA commemorates March 8 around the world

AMSTERDAM IWA & Pinay sa Holland members joined the annual March 8 demonstration at the Dam, Amsterdam organized by 8 maart comité. ©️ IWA Secretariat PAKISTAN IWD celebration in a village in Haripur, Pakistan. ©️ Azra Sayeed PHILIPPINES GABRIELA, founding member of IWA, led the biggest March 8 rally in the country. ©️ GABRIELA NationalContinue reading “PHOTOS: IWA commemorates March 8 around the world”

Second General Assembly

Communique of the Second General Assembly Women’s Struggles in the Neoliberal Era: Trends and Challenges for the International Women’s Movement Struggles to Win: The Triple Assault of Neoliberalism, Feudalism and Patriarchy on Women’s Rights to Land and Livelihood Impactos de la Industria Minera sobre los derechos de las Mujeres en Latino Americano The Kurdish WomenContinue reading “Second General Assembly”

GABRIELA cheers dropping of charges vs Liza Maza and colleagues

GABRIELA welcomes the decision of Judge Trese Wenceslao to dismiss the murder cases and quash the arrest warrants against GABRIELA Chairperson Emerita and NAPC Lead Convenor Sec. Liza Largoza-Maza together with former Bayan Muna Reps. Satur Ocampo and Teddy Casiño, and former DAR Sec. Rafael Mariano. The warrant was plainly part of the grand schemeContinue reading “GABRIELA cheers dropping of charges vs Liza Maza and colleagues”

Marxism and the Woman Question in the 21st Century

  Magandang hapon mga kaibigan, babae at mga kasama. Congratulations for organizing this important conference and for giving us the opportunity to speak, even though it is through video, and thank you for your indulgence. I am a women’s rights and anti-imperialist activist as well as documentary filmmaker. I had the opportunity to get toContinue reading “Marxism and the Woman Question in the 21st Century”

Roots for Equity to Trump: “15 Years of Lie and Deceit: Indeed No More!”

January 9, 2018 PRESS RELEASE In Response to 15 Years of Lie and Deceit: Indeed No More! The President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump on January 1, 2018 sent a tweet in which he states that his country had ‘foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over theContinue reading “Roots for Equity to Trump: “15 Years of Lie and Deceit: Indeed No More!””

¡Revierta la marea de la guerra!

Apenas 100 días después de la presidencia de Trump, el gobierno estadounidense ha ejecutado bombardeos, ataques aéreos y despliegues de tropas en el extranjero, e intensificó la represión en su país. Su lema, “America First” (América Primero) es un intento desesperado de mantener la hegemonía global de Estados Unidos en un mundo multipolar cargado de crisis. Necesitamos revertirContinue reading “¡Revierta la marea de la guerra!”


Statement of the International Women’s Alliance on the signing of the TPP  The signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement today,  February 4, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand will be one of the biggest signing ceremonies as ministers from participating countries are set to witness the closing of one of the largest trade pact inContinue reading “JUNK TPP, OPPOSE FREE TRADE, FIGHT IMPERIALIST PLUNDER!”

IWA Joins Protest Action on the 117th Anniversary of Filipino-American War

  Manila – The Philippine-American War started in February 4, 1899 after a US soldier fired on a Filipino soldier at the Pinaglabanan Bridge in San Juan. This happened while the US Congress was divided between those who are inclined to an invasion and those who wanted a so-called ‘benevolent assimilation’. The incident tilted theContinue reading “IWA Joins Protest Action on the 117th Anniversary of Filipino-American War”