Keynote address of Coni Ledesma Solidarity and Fight Back Conference Toronto, Canada 5-7 August 2017 Good morning dear kasama, comrades and friends, After that rousing welcome with the singing of the IWA Hymn, let me share with you  stories of women who have resisted imperialism. Let me start by telling you the story of aContinue reading “WOMEN RESIST IMPERIALISM”

Leila Khaled’s Keynote Speech

Comrades, Sisters and Brothers, Thank you for inviting me to this conference. A special thanks for the organizers. I’m here to tell you the story of our people, the Palestinians. The story of a people who were expelled by force from their country,Palestine, by the Zionist movement which, in 1948, established a state called “Israel”Continue reading “Leila Khaled’s Keynote Speech”