IWA Condemns the Pardon of Convicted US Marine by Philippine President Duterte

“President Duterte’s decision to grant Pemberton absolute pardon due to “good behavior” exposes Duterte’s complete subservience to US imperial rule, and is an affront to Philippine sovereignty with a complete disregard for the life of Jennifer Laude and all other victims of violence by US militarization. … It further proves that the Philippines is nothing more than a playground for US imperialism, which is ruled by a puppet government whose strings are controlled by the US military.”

On Rural Women’s Day: Filipino Women Rise for Rice

Rollback of rice prices to P25/kilo! Hold Pres. Aquino and Sec. Alcala accountable for the plunder of farmer’s money and food insecurity in the country.   (Photo from Arkibong Bayan arkibongbayan.org) Women from urban poor and rural communities in Manila and Rizal storm the headquarters of the Department of Agriculture to demand the roll backContinue reading “On Rural Women’s Day: Filipino Women Rise for Rice”