Uphold people’s democracy in Myanmar!

The International Women’s Alliance expresses its solidarity with the people of Myanmar in their fight to kick out the military dictatorship that has occupied their country. We support their call to ensure genuine democracy and ensure justice and freedom for all people of Myanmar. 

As the whole world is still battling the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic and political crises that it has exposed, it is condemnable that Myanmar’s military is stripping its people of their democratic rights. 

Anti-coup protesters flash the three-fingered salute as they gather outside the Hledan Centre in Yangon, Myanmar Friday, Feb. 19, 2021. The daily protests campaigning for civil disobedience in Myanmar are increasingly focusing on businesses and government institutions. (AP Photo)

Like many others who lived through decades of military dictatorship in Myanmar since the 1960s,  the people are crying out against the thousands of lives taken just to maintain political power and ensure profit for a few elites. IWA commends the strength, unity, and bravery of the women and people as they take the fascist military head on. The actions in the streets and communities, and civil disobedience in the face of military occupation is an inspiration to the many women around the world who are facing similar repression from governments and right-wing forces.

We call on all women around the world to rally support for our sisters in Myanmar, hold actions for them and share solidarity messages with them. As we protect our health from the virus by practicing social distancing, we must also practice solidarity as it is the only way to attain justice and genuine democracy. 

End the military dictatorship in Myanmar! 

Uphold people’s democracy in Myanmar! 

Long live international solidarity!

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